Motheo Moleko raps. He’d like to think he’s good at it. For his sake, let’s hope he is not wrong. His only savings grace is that if he is wrong, the rest of his band is extremely accomplished.

Ditching the lazy DJ plus rapper combo – it’s 2012, after all! - Motheo creates and performs with a full band. While this is no big deal in other musical genres, it’s sadly an anomaly in acts fronted by a rapper. As such, comparisons to ‘The Roots’ and ‘Tumi and the Volume’ are natural given similarity in on stage presentation, which is no doubt a compliment, but the music is nothing similar.

Singular, introspective, and socially aware, Motheo’s music is both extremely personal and universally relatable all at once. The 26-year-old is based in Cape Town and spent the last two years contributing musically and on a business front to another Cape Town native’s act, Jeremy Loops. With that act’s foundation firmly cemented, Motheo is doubling down on his own act, with early highlights including headlining a show at Cape Town’s leading live music venue, The Assembly, and a well-received festival debut at Synergy Live 2012.

Psychosis, recorded Live at Cape Town’s premier live music video, The Assembly

'Your Face, My Mask,' recorded live at The Assembly.

Probably the most exciting thing that is happening in South African music at the moment. I’m very very excited for Mo and his band.
Craig Bright,
Co-owner of Seed Experiences and Rocking The Daisies Festival Director

Finally, there is a live true hip hop act that can stand against a fully fledged festival lineup - Motheo Moleko is going to go far
Patrick Lowry Craig, founder of Studio 7